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THANK GOD FOR JUNE: It is said that a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. This year has been amazing. I’m thankful for big stuff, small stuff, standard stuff, personal stuff. I don’t know if I’ll post them all. I’m just going to go with it. I hope you read something that feels good.

I know it’s weird that I am thankful for writer’s block, but it’s taught me a lot about my profession, my attitudes and it’s given me newfound patience in life. I get it often, and if you’ve ever had it, you know it sucks. Behold, the infamous (and deadly) blank page:

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 10.49.02 PM

It’s like all the stuff you’ve ever read and hated float to the surface. And that’s what you got, it’s actually all you got. The more you think about it, the more you work it–the worse it gets.

Doesn’t it sound like when you’re trying force something in life? It’s the same–‘iz no gud.’

Thankfully, I’ve learned a few things from it:

  1. In life, keep showing up. In writing, one must sit down anyway. Even if you write crap for an hour, sit down. Let it suck. Then get up, get inspired, do something different, but tomorrow sit down again. A lot of the times I’m knee deep in a block, but I’ll scribble. I write stuff down; I cross stuff off. I’ll start ten drafts. And then just like that when you’re about to throw the computer into the air–you see it. In the middle of a pile of words, there is a tiny nugget that’s gold, and there, you begin. As Picasso said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”
  2. In life, trust it’s coming. A writer is nothing if s/he takes a writer’s block personally. It’s a thing of life, get over it. Keep poking at your desk and then get away and live a little. Have faith that rough patches are just that–patches. Whatever it is that you are seeking in life, make room for it, assume it’s already on its way. It is.
  3. Get away your away from your desk. A writer must be completely open to being inspired. A good attitude away from your desk is necessary to create great work. The value of the content in our lives depends on a great deal on how open we are when we are just ‘out there.’ Having fun isn’t only about celebrating good stages, having fun is also a way to get back in the game. Get better at wiggling out of the corners. In life, we all have to get better at finding the things that make you feel good–real good, though. Fake good don’ work here.

2013-02-11 00.25.21The morbidly frustrating funk that is known as writer’s block has given me a kind of magical mix of discipline and faith; an understanding that funks don’t last forever and what you’re looking for may be seconds from surfacing. 

Do not believe the blank page. It means nothing.

It’s definitely one of those things that stretch the mind, and I’m grateful.



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