THANK GOD FOR JUNE: It is said that a grateful heart is a magnet for miracles. This year has been amazing. I’m thankful for big stuff, small stuff, standard stuff, personal stuff. I don’t know if I’ll post them all. I’m just going to go with it. I hope you read something that feels good.


I’m thankful for everything I can see. I’m thankful for color. For the indigo sky. For the burning pink of the sunset. For vivid green landscapes enshrouded by a gray fog. For the ability to look across a room and tell someone you want to go home. For the ability to catch someone looking. For being able to see someone’s relief. The ability to see a smile after a surprise celebration.

I’m thankful for the ability to watch, observe, and admire. I’m thankful for being able to admire fiery red dresses, perfectly black winter coats, and crisp white sheets. For the ability to see a ballet, an opera, or someone opening up. The ability to run a dirt path. The ability to drive for hours. For bloody oranges. For perfectly swirled ice creams. For the beautifully made rainbow cake, my friends baked for my birthday. For being able to see a Thanksgiving table set. For Christmas ribbons, wrappings and decorations. For being able to watch people bond. To not only feel love but see it before you.


For cotton candy blue. For the ability to read. For the ability to write. The ability to watch a beautiful horse gallop. I’m thankful for the memories of a plethora of balloons filling a room and confetti floating in the air. For baby faces. For rooftop views. For art. For photography. For silently rejoicing as my food order approaches. It’s not now I realize how often the heart is moved by eyesight. For my angle. For my point of view.

For the ability to see this world, I am eternally grateful.

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Antonella is a New York based writer from Nicaragua.

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