the special stuff

If you can imagine it, I got one shoe on my lap, the other one is still on. I keep reminding myself to go turn off the light in the hallway, but it's been a while. This happens a lot when I bolt for the computer with an idea.

This one shoe on, one off kind of thing should happen to all of us. The things in your life should be this exciting to get to. It’s important to invest in these kinds of things, things that are special. Not because the hours aren't long and the work isn't daunting, but when our heart is in it, we function differently. You carry burdens differently and your spirit lasts longer somehow.

When your heart is in it, you experience endurance, creativity, and joy of the heart, mind, and body. 

Picking in a profession, person, or nook in the world that is special to you, won’t mean that you are better off than anyone else. The life lessons aren't easier, life is still life, but when your heart is all in, your heart and mind fidget to figure it out.

When you love something, you do it differently. 

What do I mean? Teach me to sew. Go ahead, try. I'll give it an hour before I'm trying to sharpen one of the sewing needles, so that I can write something down. But give me a paragraph and tell me what you want to say and we'll figure it out over lunch and dinner.

What we do doesn't define us at all, but it’ll define how we carry our loads. When you love something, you do things differently. Life nuances are better combated with a blazin’ heart rather than a heavy one. Invest in what is special. It’ll be the same race, but you’ll experience it differently. You might even enjoy it.

Antonella SaraviaComment