call the bluff

We all like to think that our hangups are special. We polish them, we dress them up, we set a place for them on the shelf and admire them. Miiiiine.

What’s that? Not you? I apologize, you may be one of the handful of people on earth who have mastered their egos. Feel free to close this window now.

For the rest of us, it sometimes feels like we’re the only ones tackling our problems. As if no one has walked this emotional path before. No one else has ever felt as lost, angry, alone, frustrated, empty, scared, or confused.

Bullshit. It’s all been felt before.

Feelings, fixations, and fears have been wacking people out long before you were born. Rest assured that they will continue to do so long after you are gone. Every situation that you find yourself tackling has been tackled. Which means…there is an out.

You may not know it, you may not be aware of it, but I promise that someone out there has felt what you are feeling and turned it on its head.

Your negative emotions and problems are not special. They are actually the least interesting thing about you. Moreover, though they feel like they are part OF you, they aren’t. You’re just identifying because it’s so intense right now. When they fade, you remain.

Problems will never go away. Mark Manson said, “The goal in life is not to get rid of your problems, but continue to evolve in such a way where we have “better” problems.”

So, dude, stop making your problems special, make them better.