queen of the flies

There's no point in fighting the flies if it's their season to roam. What the hell does that mean? It's been raining a lot this month, the humidity is bad, and people are crossing over to the dark side. The flies are pissing people off!

Just the other night, I was with a group at a nice restaurant, and one zipped right by me as I sipped on a glass of red wine. Everyone was annoyed, but something caught my attention—as expensive as the furnishings are, as sophisticated as the food is, as stuffy as the company is, they couldn’t keep the flies out.

It takes a lot of books, prayer, meditation, hangovers, overeating, and substantial mount of adulting to comprehend the simple stuff that we hear from a young age. It actually takes alotta life to truly understand the quotes posted about the present moment and inner peace so casually on Instagram. I nod a lot of the time, but do I really follow it? Mej.

We share these phrases with each other and we repeat them out loud as if they were easy to follow. We act as if liking something were the equivalent to aligning with it.

Most of us don’t live by our favorite quotes because the truth is that the simple stuff is hard to get and even harder to apply.

Like hardships, everyone gets annoyed at nuances. No one is welcoming flies, but you have choices. I got lucky that night and I had one of those moments—a brief moment of acceptance for what was. A quick break from wanting something other than what was there.

It was clear: I could take another sip of my drink and coexist with a fly on a night out or join in on the complaints and make the night about a fly.

'Cause dude, really, it’s life. What's a fly here and there when there is wine and truffle fries at the table?